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  • League Record Set in Week One

    Sat, 6-15-2024 | NVSL Records

    Congratulations to Kennedy Masten of Hamlet for setting a new League record in the 11-12 Girls 50M Backstroke at Hamlet today! She swam a time of 30.02, which breaks the old record of 30.06 set by Janet Hu of Mosby Woods on June 28, 2008.

  • Let's Swim!

    Fri, 6-14-2024 | NVSL Executive Board

    After a long winter and spring of planning and laying the foundation for the 2024 season, we are so excited to be swimming again in our first Dual Meets tomorrow! Nervous new swimmers and seasoned seniors, athletes from ages 5 to 18, will all take their marks and hit the water as we advance the NVSL's mission for another summer: "A love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship." 

    We extend our sincere thanks to the hundreds of league volunteers - committee chairs and members, team reps, data coordinators and more - who have worked many hours behind the scenes so that our swimmers, coaches and families can enjoy the best that summer swimming has to offer. Over 900 volunteers attended our officiating clinics - wow! Thank you for the vital role that you will play this season in ensuring that our meets are safe, fair and fun for the athletes. 

    Tomorrow morning, when a cheeseburger sounds like the absolute best thing to eat at 9:30 in the morning, when the music is playing loud, when the crowd is cheering, when the referee's whistle quiets the pool, and when the swimmers compete and then shake hands, you will know that you are in the perfect place to spend a Saturday in Northern Virginia.  No better place to be than at one of our amazing 102 NVSL pools for a swim meet! Best of luck to all our swimmers across the league -- swim fast, have fun!

  • Hy-tek - Team Manager UPDATE needed

    Tue, 6-4-2024 | NVSL Technology Committee

    It has come to our attention that Team Manager needs a critical update. This update will have to be done manually as the "Check for Updates" button in the software is unresponsive. If you open Team Manager and do not see Release 8.0Ga, you must do this update. Currently it will not allow you to set the System Age-up Date beyond 01/01/24. You need to set your age-up date to 6/1/24. Please share this with your data people ASAP!

    Directions to install the update can be found HERE.

    Any questions, please reach out to NVSL Technology (NVSLtechnology@gmail.com).

  • NVSL Training Clinics Continue in June

    Mon, 6-3-2024 | NVSL Executive Board

    Thank you to everyone who has already attended a training clinic this spring! The turnout has been great and it was awesome to see so many dedicated parent volunteers take time this weekend to attend NVSLU. Thank you! We also loved seeing the coaches on Saturday morning at Shouse Village for the Coaching Clinic. 
    Traininng continues this spring both online and in-person.

    For OFFICIALS clinics, IN-PERSON, New and Recertifying Stroke and Turn Judges --
    Sun, Jun 9 S&T Clinics 8-10AM

    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Little Hunting Park (**This is a new location from the printed schedule distributed at the seeding meeting)

    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Kings Ridge

    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Sully Station II

    • New/Recertification Stroke and Turn Clinic @ Wakefield Chapel

    Wednesday, June 12th - 7PM New/Recertification Stroke and Turn @ Sully Station

    There are upcoming VIRTUAL clinics for NVSL Officials with 5 or more years of experience (no exceptions). ***Officials should have first certified in 2019 or earlier for the positions in which they want to be (re)certified.*** 

    Referee/Starter Recertification Clinic - Wednesday, June 5th
    Registration - Ref/Starter Recert 6/5

    Stroke and Turn Recertification Virtual Clinic - Tuesday, June 11th
    Registration - S&T Recert 6/11 

    Please contact NVSLOfficials@gmail.com with your questions. 

    For DATA training, the following VIRTUAL clinics will be offered:
    Data Training Part 2

    Data Training Part 1 provided an overview of the entire data process, including helpful screen shots and lots of tips and was held in person and online over the weekend. Data Training Part 2 will provide an on-screen run-through of the data process for an A meet. This is primarily aimed at data coordinators. Attendees should have a copy of the NVSL A Meet procedures handy so they can follow along and take notes.

    Please contact NVSLtechnology@gmail.com with your questions.

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